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Fun stuff, at least to us, and maybe to people who know us. Otherwise, they be slides. You know, what people inflicted upon others back in the 50s and 60s - and I guess later, but those were the golden, salad days of showing the slides.

Added: 26 July 2008

Jim Tom Polk
Austin, Texas

Decided to start anew - totally. Going to keep content, the pages and media, of old site just because I hate dead links.

As example: I still dislike the fact that after working for Camalott.Com for 10 years, when the new owners managed to mis-manage it so badly that in less than one year we went from being unable to keep up with all work and being short handed to barely being able to keep one part-time student HTML coder on staff, that I lost the site that I had maintained for those 10 years, http://www.camalott.com/~jtpolk/.

Don't know which I hated more - losing my job or losing the continuity of the old site. Wasn't my oldest. My first site was made in late 1994 at http://cris.com/~jtpolk/, with a whopping 50 Kilobytes of disk space.

Anyway, to put something new up here in my vanity or home pages. I don't know what, but as I used to tell myself when I was much younger:

"Baring accidental death or suicide, I'm going to be around next year, on this same day, which means I will have figured out how to get there from here. So, get on with it!"

So, I need to get on with it.

Added: 21 April 2008

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